Friday, January 22, 2010

Knitting Class Schedule Jan, Feb, Mar 2010

Hey all! it's been forever since I've posted- I know, shame shame. So much has happened and I promise to catch you up later. The latest most exciting happening is that I am now offering knitting classes for all levels. You can view the full schedule for the months of January, February, and March here. If you don't see a class or time that suits you, please call and schedule a private indevidual or group lesson!

Knitting Class Schedule: Jan, Feb & March

Hi everyone! It's been forever since I posted last. I know, shame shame. So much has happened but i'll have to update later 'cause right now I want to let everyone know I am now offering knitting classes for all levels! To view class schedule for the months of January, Feruary, and March click HERE. If you don't see what you need or the times won't work for you, contact me for private single or group lessions. Spaces are limited so call to reserve your spot today!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

phantom sweaters revealed!

alright. finally, here they are. chad and i went out yesterday evening and got some pics of the phantom sweaters i've been talking about. all three of them are cardigans-which i love. this first one is from twinkles big city knits. it's called the "best friend cardigan" and it's so cute. it was a really quick knit. i think i did it in like 4 hours. i used cheap-o yarn because i didn't know how it would turn out. i really would've liked to buy the twinkle yarn; but it's like $19 for 80-some yards. there's just no way. plus, i've heard that it pills really bad. so, i used lion's brand thick and quick and it worked out perfect. i made the size small even though the measurements for the small in the book are like really small (i think 26 or 27 inch bust?) and i measure a 32". if you read the book info though, it explains how to find the size you should make. overall, cute, fun, and fast. and best of all, i get so much use out of it!

This one was a pattern that i got off of ravelry called the "february lady sweater". it took me about 4 weeks to finish; but i'll be honest, i wasn't really that diligent. it's a raglan and is knit all in one piece. i love that 'cause i HATE seaming. the lace pattern was really easy-the whole thing was pretty brainless actually-i like that. i think the pattern is modeled after an elizabeth zimmerman pattern; but i can't say that for sure. anyway, it's nice.

this is the last one. i got this pattern from sweaterbabe. it's the "peplum waste top down cardigan". i really like working this as well. it's also done in one piece with raglan sleeves. it looks great with a skirt or jeans. it's comfy and i love wearing it. i used lions brand yarn on this one too ( mostly because i'm cheap). the sash was given to me by my sister keiko. it just happens to match perfectly.

overall i'm really happy with how all of these turned out. the two three-quarter sleeve ones will be great transitional pieces for fall because they look great with long sleeve shirts under them. i've already gotten so much use out of all of them, and so many compliments. it's so gratifying to wear something i created.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

recent happenings

i'm finding it difficult to blog on a regular basis since chad and i live seperately now and i have not a computer of my own. it's tough; but i'm coping. here is a condensed version of not even a fraction of what been going on lately. no, not one bit of it has to do with knitting. and yes, chad promised that tomorrow he'd take pics of me and the phantom sweaters i've been talking about. i'm telling you people-they are real!

Here's the one and only picture i have of my engagement ring that i've yet to wear. there's nothing worse than being engaged and not having the privilege to flash around that shiny new rock. because i'm super anal, i had to get a new setting made for the ring. oh, but not just any setting. of course the one i want is no where to be found, we had to take it to a place where they specialize in custom jobs. i literally wore the ring for a day, took it to the shop, and almost two month later, still no ring. i guess the first time one of the prongs looked bent. the second time the cast blew up in the kiln. so, last weekend my mom threw an engagement party for us so we went to billings, where the ring is. my mom had picked it up for us as we arrived in town late. when i opened the box, hoping to find the ring of my dreams, i was crushed to find a ring that didn't even slightly resemble the picture which i had given these "specialists". so, yet again it's back in the hands of these alleged "professionals". this time i took a couple hours and drew a diagram (to scale) of the ring i was given, and the one i want. hopefully they get it this time...idiots.

On a lighter note, just 'cause we don't live together doesn't mean we don't cook! and yes, this was likely one of the tastiest meals we've ever made. particularily the shrimp you see on the left. it's walnut shrimp and is AMAZING! thank you silver seafood!

now that we're back in the M.T., it's only right to hit up a griz game. these are a blast.
here we are decked out in our griz gear.

our stadium is pretty cool. it's state of the art and seats 25,000 peeps. they're sold out every game.

chad and his buds: chance, rj, and cole

and a bbq after. classic.

Friday, September 12, 2008


it has been forever since i last wrote. so much has been going on and i've got so many pictures to post. in the last three months i've left chicago for montana, hung out with my folks for a month, done the six day hike from hell with chad, rocked my Arbonne, and moved to missoula. all the while keeping up with my knitting-producing three super cute sweaters (pictures to post later). of all this, though, the most exciting and life changing turn of events was that on august 12 chad and i got engaged! i know! i can hardly believe it myself! it was so unexpectd, but i was and am so so happy! it was so cute how he did it to-details on that later. in the mean time, i've posted a few of our engagement pictures. Brooke Peterson of Missoula, MT took them. she was so fun to work with and she did such a fabulous job, they turned out so well and we love them. thanks Brooke!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

update: sister reunion

i haven't blogged in quite a while. so, here's an update of what's been goin' on. my sisters flew in from montana last tuesday afternoon, so i spent the next 5 days hanging out with them! it was awesome! we had so much fun together and i'm so glad to be able to share my gorgeous lovelies with everyone. here's their trip in a nut shell:

this was just after they'd arrived. we went to get chad after work. aren't they beautiful?! keiko is in the middle, and kai is on the right.

that night we went to cafe iberco down town. it was a good time and a great first night in chicago for them.

keiko didn't really like the looks of the mexican sausage. except for chad it grossed all of us out a little. sausage is weird like that~especially a plate full of it.

the smoked salmon with dill cream cheese was pretty good. chad had never had it before, and we enjoyed it.

i don't know why, but this is my favorite iberco dish. i normally don't care for goat cheese; but with the marinara it's wonderful.

these fancy cheese stick thingies were really good too.

after that we headed to see the sights at night. of course we stopped by rock n' roll McDonald's. we all got at least one pose in.

i was flirting with this b-ball guy. chad beat his face in. now that's love.

the next day we went to the beach. it was so relaxing and nice. i think these pics are my favorite.

i love this pic. i wish it hadn't turned out blue.

later we went to navy pier. also very nice.

then we ate at giordono's. kai loved it.

then burnin' some time is boy's town. chad pretended to pick his nose.
then finally the blue man group. very cool.

the next day we met kate for lunch. the twins are growing so fast. i miss them already!

also during their time here we, of course, had to go to millennium park. the bean is sweet.

we walked with claire.
after a quick ride home and a shower, we got all dolled up for sushi at sushi wabi.
this place has the best sushi i've ever eaten. it's so delicious! keiko and kai rated it their best meal in chicago. thanks wabi!

after sushi we walked around down town, soaking in the beautiful chicago evening.

on their last day here, we just wrapped things up by hitting some stores the girls wanted to check out one last time. top it off with a final pic.
i had so much fun with my sisters when they were here. kake and keebs~thanks for a great time. i love you tons!!!